Åsa Petré

Who I am
I am situated in beautiful Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. I am originally from Stockholm in Sweden and have been living in Scotland for 4 years. I was working as a portrait photographer for 12 years before I established myself in Scotland. My passion for photography started further back in Camera clubs and in the darkroom, and after studying photography I decided to saddle up again from my former profession as a goldsmith to become a photographer. Since I have a great love for animals it was natural for me to start my career with photographing cats and dogs. So I did on cat and dog shows for a couple of years. I then got an offer to share a studio with some colleagues in Stockholm and this was the beginning of my career as a studio photographer. Since then I have developed my portraitphotography to also doing weddings.

Photography my passion
I want to catch that special glimt in the eye weather its a modell, a child or a dog. I find that´s what make a good image pop out. Wedding couples often want to know what my stile is. I find my style and my strength is that I combine stilish portraits with more lifestile photos. I use often use colors to enhance my photos. I want the images to be beautiful to look at and at the same time convey a special feeling or mood