How is a photo session done??
I shoot a series of photos of your cat when sitting, lying, headshot etc. What photos we take depends on what your cat wants to do. I try to take as many diverse photos as possible or as the cat want to pose for. I am very aware of what to do to make your cat look the best and with toys and with sounds I have your cat do and look the way I want it to. All cats have their own personality weather its shy, outgoing or a wise old cat. I always take this in to account and if your cat is of a worrying nature I take my time and try to be as gentle and quit as possible.

A few days after the shooting the photos will be shown on a private gallery on the Internet where you can view and select your photos. You can get them in color or black and white.

My best advice is a lot of playing and no demands. Take the time for your cat to adjust. Some treats and a favorite toy can might also do the trick. If your cat has a cat bed or a blanket its a good idea to bring them to.

Outside or inside?
Where we do the session is your chose. If you wish I can come to your house. A lot of people find its convinient and its also a place where the cat feels most comfortable. I am able to bring my portable flashes or we can use the natural light. We also have the option to be outside in your garden or in the cats neighburhood.

How much do you charge for a Photo Session?
It varies so please contact me for prices.