Where can we do our photography?
We can be somewhere outdoor in the nature at a beautiful place or at your house if you would like that. I dont have my own studio here in oban but there is a room in Oban I use for photography. I am happy to help with suggestions.

I would like to have the siblings on the photos as well?
Yes they are most welcome to join. A nice memory for everyone in the family as well. If small children best is to get help from someone for safety reasons and easier for the mother to relax. Dogs are welcome to join.

What to bring?
I will bring fabrics of different colors that are great for photography and which I often use. Feel free to take what you want to be photographed in such as beautiful underwear or figurative clothes so the shape of the stomach can be seen on picture. Romantic summer dresses are beautiful. A big white shirt or a little top. Choose what you like, but avoid brutal colors and striped or flowered. We want to keep it as stilish as possible. Nice for the father is, for example, jeans. Feel free to bring your own supplies. Many mothers find its nice to have a bathrobe or something else inbetween when having a break. Outdoor something very warm like a coat.

Something else to think about?
Clothes sometimes make marks that can take hours before they disappear like from the Bra, socks, panties, jeans etc. Therefore, choose loose-wearing clothes on the way to photography to avoid marks appearing on the images. That goes for the father as well. Even the losest one can make marks..

How does a session go?
A session last for about an hour with small breaks for clothes change. I take a serie of photos such as full-frame, half-frame, just the belly and then if you want together with the father and siblings. We will take a variety of photos and with different outfits if you want. I always ask before we met if you have any wishes at all and most mothers do. The best is if I know a much as possible of your wishes and thoughts in advance. A few days after photography or as soon as I have the time I will put your photos on a private gallery on the internet where you can see and choose your pictures. You can get the pictures in color or black and white. I ask for you to pay for the photography at the session. The photos you pay for on delivery.

How much does one session cost?
Please contact me for prices.

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