How is a photo session done??
I shoot a series of photos of your dog when sitting, lying, headshot etc. What photos we take depends on what your dog wants to do. I try to take as many diverse photos as possible or as the dog want to pose for. A few days after the shooting the photos will be shown on a private gallery on the Internet where you can view and select your photos. You can get them in color or black and white.

To get good photos its essential not to force your friend it to doing something it doesn´t want to do. Otherwise it may happen that your dog gets bored or stressed. So my best advice is a lot of encouragement and no demands. Some treats and a favorite toy can might also do the trick.

Outside or inside?
Where we do the session is your chose. If you wish I can come to your house. A lot of people find its convinient and its also a place where the dog feels comfortable. We also have the option to be outside at a place chosen by you or recommended by me. Scotland is full of beautiful places. The opportunities are endless.

What if it rains?
If the weather forcast does look like its going to rain a lot we just have to cancel. As it can change very fast here I tend to try to give the session extra time in case there will be showers. This is often the case before the sun comes back again or the rain stops. There is no need for a clear blue sky. A bit cloudy is often the best. If we cant get any photos beacuse of bad weather you will get another chance doing a session. I will not charge extra for that. This is Scotland!
Do I need to bring anything??
Bring along a favorite toy if popular. Many dogs also feel safe with their favorite blanket to lie on. Treats of course! Feel free also to bring along any personal props that you would like to be in the picture. If you have the opportunity to get help from someone that can help during photography. Specially when there is more than one dog being photographed or if the dog is not very keen on posing. Its a good idea to bring a towel to wipe the wee paws with.

How much do you charge for a Photo Session?
It varies so please contact me for prices.