To expect a baby is a very exciting and happy time. As a photographer I am very lucky to be part of this happy moment. Many people find that the woman is most beautiful when she is pregnant and I am one of them. Maternity photos are a very beautiful memory for the whole family and not the least for the expectant child to have in the future.

I take pictures of the becoming mother, together with the father, and if there are siblings they are also most welcome to join. We can do the photography in your home, at a beautiful setting outdoors or at any other place that you prefer. I have different colored fabrics that we can use but if you wish you can bring your own clothes and accessories. How much clothes you wear is up to you. What you feel comfortable with and wish. A maternity photo is beautiful weather you wear a nice dress or wear a tiny fabric. The most important is that its a nice memory for you all to lock back to.

I recommend to do the session in the week of 29-34. This is the time when the Belly has the best form and therefore most beautiful to photograph but it may vary from person to person. Its better to do the session a bit early than late

You can get the photos as a beautiful wall portrait, in an Album or as of my own designed photo books.

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