People ask me how to succeed taking pictures of a cat or dog. The answer is with a lot of practice, plenty of patience and not least a great love and feeling for our fury friends.

I did get the best training you can get. I started out my carer working as a photographer on cat and dog shows. Photographing those beauty winners on weekends on shows all over Scandinavia. This has given me the experience I need to make your cat or dog look at its best on an image. As a photographer I want to capture your pets personality because every one is unique in its own way. Some are energetic and mischievous while others are a bit shy. Something that I take into consideration when photographing. I also take into account the Pets breed if you wish and try to emphasize that in the pictures. I was the official Photographer at the World Winner Cat Show in Copenhagen. I am very proud of my gold Certificates at the SWPP in London and this Birma lady is one of them.

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