Sensual photos

I offer a private image collection consisting of beautiful, sensual images to give as a gift to your husband to be. The pictures are tasteful and sensually photographed, in black and white or in color. The pictures are in a beautiful album. I also offer a slide show with your photos personally designed by me delivered in a beautiful red USB jewelry heart. The photography takes place in your own home or in any other environment. Perfect as a morning gift to give to your husband the morning after the wedding. Also a very appreciated birthday present for your husband or for any of your wedding anniversaries!

Fotograferingen sker på plats i ateljén, i det egna hemmet eller i annan valfri miljö. Perfekt som morgongåva vid bröllopet, men även en uppskattad födelsedagspresent eller julklapp eller varför inte när ni firar er bröllopsdag!

All of my wedding couples always have a 10% discount on my Morning gift photography.