Frågor och Svar

Should we photograph the wedding portraits before or after the wedding?
I recommend that you look at what fits you and your wedding. When it comes to the planning of the day and what feels best for you. Often it depends on how the day is planned and it is best to avoid stress when doing the session. If you want to be photographed outdoors, it is best to photograph while there is still daylight specially during the winter months. Some couples choose to be photographed before the wedding since after the wedding guests and f estivities are waiting. A little improvement in the makeup can then sometimes be required before shooting. Some bridal couples may feel a little tence before the wedding ceremony and therefore choose to have their portraits taken after the wedding. They want to be relaxed and enjoy the session. Please give enough time for the photography specially if you are just doing the portrait session. I do recommend to spare at least one hour for your session to make room for brakes and change of location or place.

What about if it rains?
A cloud cover or lighter rain is no obstacle to making good pictures outdoors. But there is always a limit and also for what weather a weddingcouple want to be in. As a photographer I always see to that I have a backup plan. This may be to photograph indoors at the venue or any other place close by. This is something we discuss when meeting up before the wedding. Bear in mind that light clouds very often give the best photo light and beneficial specially for portraits.

Can we choose to get the photos in color or black and white?
You are able to choose that afterwards when ordering your images. All images can be ordered in color, black and white or sepia-tone. I will gladly help out with suggestions as some photos are better in Black and white than in color and visa versa

How will we choose our pictures?
The pictures are uploaded as a private image gallery on the internet where you can easily view your photos at home. These images are only sample images. The final image processing as well as the editing process will be done on the images you order. I will be available if you need help with your selection.

Can we get our images as high resolution images?
You can buy the photos as low-resolution digital images for internet and also as high-resolution digital pictures that you can print your self. In all packages except in the studio package, all images are included as high resolution basic images. The edited images are image-processed but not separately or manually edited. If you need more further information about this please contact me. I am here to answer any questions you have regarding photography. If you are interested in just getting the pictures on a CD then I have prices for that too.

How do you develop your photos?
I collaborate with a professional photo lab that develops all images. The photo paper is made of high quality paper. I do all processing, editing and design myself.

How is the booking and payment procedure?
We will meet up to discuss your wedding and wishes. If you find you would like to book me I will then send you a booking confirmation together with an invoice on your booking fee. The booking fee is 25% of your basic package or at least £150. The booking fee will be refunded upon cancellation if cancellation occurs before 2 weeks before the wedding. The booking fee will then be deducted from the final amount. The final payment is made on delivery.